Current Safety Procedures

The safety of our customers and staff is always our #1 priority. Throughout the covid-19 pandemic we have been following federal, state and local guidelines to create policies that successfully prevented outbreaks within our facilities. As it continues to evolve, we will monitor the recommendations and adjust our policies accordingly. Below are the current steps we’re taking to keep our customers safe:

Safety Procedures
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    Cleaning & Sanitizing:

    In addition to the thorough cleaning the facility gets overnight, we have increased our cleaning schedule throughout the day. We have also purchased a germicidal UVC light sanitizer that will let us easily disinfect our turfs more often.

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    We understand that good ventilation is important in reducing the risk of covid-19 transmission indoors. Compared to other indoor settings, our building provides open air flow with 30-40 foot ceilings in a large, 70,000 square foot space. In addition, the ventilation system in our building is built to constantly pull fresh air from the outside through the building and exhaust the air from the facility out the other side. This helps flush out germs and particulates, compared to an HVAC system that just recirculates air. For the office, bar, party rooms, and other spaces that have HVAC systems, we use HEPA filters that block all particulates.

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    Face Coverings:

    Face coverings are not required at the facility. However, if you feel more comfortable wearing a face covering, you are welcome to do so (updated 2/10/22).

Stay Home If Sick

If you are sick, have Covid-19 symptoms, or have had direct contact with someone who has Covid-19, please stay home

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